Ten Dollar Bet


For fans of vintage music "Ten Dollar Bet” will be your new favorite band. Hear contras, rags, polkas, swing, jump and old world favorites performed on fiddle, clarinet, mandolin and a variety of string instruments. Dancing shoes recommended, but, of course, not required.

Mike Lane - guitars

Gary Fitch - mandolin and fiddle

Rose Fitch - clarinet and fiddle

Bill McDonald - bass


Ten Dollar Bet is available for your party or event.  


Sound reinforcement - Ten Dollar Bet supplies the Bose L-1 portable array PA with high quality mics for medium to small venues. We will add separate amplification for guitar and bass when necessary.


Upcoming Shows

May 18 7:30pm

Dancing Bears Contradance 


June 16  11-3

Spirit of Muldoon Picnic Chanshtnu Park


July 21 7:30pm

Musk Ox Farm Palmer Alaska


August 18 2:00pm

Alaska Zoo


September 14  7:30pm

Dancing Bears Contradance


September 20 7:00pm


Palmer Salvation Army


October 7 12:00 pm

Seward Music and Arts Festival


October 9 7:00pm


Palmer Salvation Army


November 27  7:00pm


Palmer Salvation Army


December 13  7:00pm


Palmer Salvation Army

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